Why Transsexual women won’t enjoy a long term relationships?

Dating a transgender woman is other thing but did you ever see your entire life with a transsexual woman? Are you willing to make a transsexual woman to your life partner? 99 out of 100 men say no and they never expect a transsexual woman as their life partner for entire life. Why? What’s the main reason behind this and why transsexual women won’t enjoy a relationship that last for long and they can happily live with their ts dating partner for their entire life.

I personally met many transsexual women. Some of them are quite well qualified and live a wealthy lifestyle. They own a good job and definitely earns quite well as compared to some other cis women or men. One of them was from North America and become a good friend of mine. She is living a very high life style, earns well and also contributes in wellness of society and living a happy and well maintained life. But still she is not happy and when we spoke together about life and life relationships, she literally broke into tears and shares all her relationship experience with me. I really felt sad for her. In spite of good job and earning she is quite well everything but her experience towards relationship is really not that great and these relationship failures broke her in tears and shakes her confidence. She is not ready to go into relationship again and feel like used by other men in the name of relationship.

Every time she tries her to be in a relationship, her partner leaves her after few days or months and she was all alone again. Is this only because she is transsexual and man who is dating with her only looking for some sexual pleasure and not for a life time dating relationship. If that’s the real reason than certainly we need to re-think about this and also thinks about transsexual women emotions and their confidence when someone leaves her without any real reason apart from her sexual identity. If her sexual identity makes you to ditch her and broke up the relationship with her than surely, you are also not allowed to date a transsexual woman only for fun and to fulfill your sexual desires.

I ask many men that why they won’t see their future with a transsexual woman, many reasons came to on board. Some says that transsexual women are only looking for money. Some says that they date a transsexual woman only to fulfill their sexual desires or want to experience a new sexual relationship in their life and never thinks their future with a transsexual woman. These are all un-ethical and not a valid reasons to drop any relationship.

However, the only valid reason not to date a trans woman for life time is that a transsexual woman won’t have kids and she never give birth to any kid in future also.

But this is not the end; there are many other alternates that you can have kids. Adoption is one of the best and legally correct procedures to have kids while having a relationship with transsexual woman.