How do you talk to your transgender crush?

She's your transgender crush right now but you plan to turn her into your tranny date. You may have your own unique way of transgender dating a cis woman but you can't use the same techniques in new areas. Generally all forms of dating have similarities but some situations are extreme and require you to be prepared. Here are some things you should consider before you pursue a future transgender date.

From transgender crush to transgender date

You may know your transgender crush online, in your neighborhood, in your workplace, etc. But do you know how to get her attention? Next, share some effective ways to bring your transgender crush closer to you.

Pick-up lines

You probably know some common pick-up lines like hello, how are you? What's up?As a matter of fact, these pick-up lines are often ignored by women. These chat-up lines are so common that transgender women think you're just looking for someone to talk to rather than a serious partner. Some wisecracks might make your transgender crush immediately focus on you, like " Looking like a snack " or " are you photoshopped? " This may sound silly, but women will definitely get noticed and respond to your messages. I would say that if you want to attract the attention of transgender women, you need a little creativity. And a good pick-up line can make a good impression on transgender women.

You look more beautiful than a real woman

Yes, it will make your transgender date care about you. As flattering as it may sound, most transgender women like to hear it described. For transgender women, they are constantly working on their looks and hoping for recognition. They want to look sexy and beautiful like a cis woman. Therefore, appreciation of her appearance is also an affirmation of her efforts. But sometimes you should pay attention to what you say. You may think you're playing a slick playboy, but you end up as a failed playboy.

Ask her something else

Remember you're not the interviewer for the magazine, and you can't just be interested in what she looks like, how she gets those things. You can ask her something that will make her more open about herself. Maybe she has some weakness she wants to talk about with you, her dreams or something else she wants to share. She has a sexy brain that deserves attention.

Share your story

After listening to her share her experiences, you can also share your stories. If you just listen to her, it will make her think you are like a gossip journalist. Saying your story will make her think you are someone who is willing to share and trust her. You can talk about your childhood, your work, your life, etc. Maybe you can find a connection.