The Key Tips of Running A Serious Relationship with A Trans Woman

As a matter of fact, all the women including transgender women and genetic women maintain the same attractive and beautiful whether they had plastic surgery or transsexual operation surgery. Most of the men choose to get into serious relationship with trans girls not for some fantasy instead of producing sincere feelings to their trans girlfriends. The trans relationship is more complicated than ordinary relationship. For instance, lack of basic knowledge and awareness related concepts of transgender may affect your relationship and even may break up. As more and more guys joined transgender dating recently, this problem is being a common problem among the trans dates. The next information you should focus on if you want to successfully date a trans girl.

Don't mention about transsexual surgery. In fact, transsexual surgery has nothing to change compared with genetic women except undergoing replacement of her genitalia. For trans women, transsexual surgery is a sensitive topic which needs a careful attention. Don't talk about this topic on the initial stage of trans dating with a trans woman. It's best to talk about it at the right time has after getting to know your partner. After all, she has the right to decide to talk about it or not. This surgery is a best way to transition and to feel confident in the presence of others for some trans girls. So, don't impose your ideas on them or change them in some way.

The gender transformation is a long and difficult process, it doesn't depend on how can they be accepted as a woman or as transsexual. And being a female isn't just wearing a sexy dress and making up. Please don't mix up the transgender women and the crossdressers. The process of transforming a female usually needs to spend a lot of time and patience. Even if they look like a woman in shape, but they require to receive female hormone therapy and all kinds of cosmetic procedures. After the estrogen injection, trans women improve their skin smoother and softer, growth of small breast, and achieve the basic characteristics of female. After a long period of hormone therapy, trans women look feminine, a little facial and body hair, smaller body and softer voice.

However, sometimes trans girls still no confidence after receiving estrogen therapy. Some trans girls choose to get plastic surgery so that make them a truly feminine appearance. The most popular cosmetic procedure includes hip enhancement, breasts implants, and some face feminization. These can help them to develop more like female.

Overall. all the transgender girls deserve to be treated as women whether they look feminine enough or not. Only by understanding trans women can we truly respect them. Keep in mind this and treating them respect and concern just like genetic women will help you to find your ideal partner in a efficient way.

Beware of Four Types of Men On A Transgender Date Online

Transgender women, like any other trans and cis woman, believe their prince charming is there. With high hopes, they are optimistic that one of the easiest ways to find him is through dating online. When you're dating a man you only know is from a transgender dating site, you need to know that you're likely to meet different types of them.

He's curious about transgender women

This type of man is usually the person who first dates a transgender woman. He's interested in everything about you, the way you look, the way you walk, the way you dress and so on. He's also excited to know what it's like to date a transgender woman and try to take care of what happened that day from beginning to end so he doesn't forget. The man is expected to have many problems. He is curious and wanted to know more.

He treats a trans women as an experiment

This kind of guy wants to date you because he wants to know something about you especially your body. He's so aggressive that he invites you to a one-night stand without getting to know each other. He prefers to satisfy his experiments with more physical intimacy with trans women. This guy is trying to prove something about a transgender woman in every way. So you have to be wary of guys like this, because a transgender woman like you shouldn't be an experimental subject.

A trans fetish guy

This particular kind of guy is very focused on meeting and dating for sexual purposes. A sexually crazy guy who is more focused on giving transgender women as gifts to satisfy his desires. He doesn't like all public places to avoid being recognized for being with you. One thing you should be aware of is that if he is a fetish he will uneasy as if someone is following him. Be careful, you might fall in love with a guy who will be very romantic on a first date. You know it's a trap, to make him more passionate. To him, you're just a sex object, that's all.

Casual guys

Casual guys like to date anyone they like on the online dating sites. This guy is a little bit scary because he doesn't pay much attention to what you say to him before you meet, because he focuses all his energy on seeing you in person. If you're a straight girl and he finds out you're not on a date, it's because he doesn't notice what he's talking to you about. Dating can be exciting and fun. It's very similar to an opportunity game because it's an opportunity to meet someone.

How do you talk to your transgender crush?

She's your transgender crush right now but you plan to turn her into your tranny date. You may have your own unique way of transgender dating a cis woman but you can't use the same techniques in new areas. Generally all forms of dating have similarities but some situations are extreme and require you to be prepared. Here are some things you should consider before you pursue a future transgender date.

From transgender crush to transgender date

You may know your transgender crush online, in your neighborhood, in your workplace, etc. But do you know how to get her attention? Next, share some effective ways to bring your transgender crush closer to you.

Pick-up lines

You probably know some common pick-up lines like hello, how are you? What's up?As a matter of fact, these pick-up lines are often ignored by women. These chat-up lines are so common that transgender women think you're just looking for someone to talk to rather than a serious partner. Some wisecracks might make your transgender crush immediately focus on you, like " Looking like a snack " or " are you photoshopped? " This may sound silly, but women will definitely get noticed and respond to your messages. I would say that if you want to attract the attention of transgender women, you need a little creativity. And a good pick-up line can make a good impression on transgender women.

You look more beautiful than a real woman

Yes, it will make your transgender date care about you. As flattering as it may sound, most transgender women like to hear it described. For transgender women, they are constantly working on their looks and hoping for recognition. They want to look sexy and beautiful like a cis woman. Therefore, appreciation of her appearance is also an affirmation of her efforts. But sometimes you should pay attention to what you say. You may think you're playing a slick playboy, but you end up as a failed playboy.

Ask her something else

Remember you're not the interviewer for the magazine, and you can't just be interested in what she looks like, how she gets those things. You can ask her something that will make her more open about herself. Maybe she has some weakness she wants to talk about with you, her dreams or something else she wants to share. She has a sexy brain that deserves attention.

Share your story

After listening to her share her experiences, you can also share your stories. If you just listen to her, it will make her think you are like a gossip journalist. Saying your story will make her think you are someone who is willing to share and trust her. You can talk about your childhood, your work, your life, etc. Maybe you can find a connection.

Why Transsexual women won’t enjoy a long term relationships?

Dating a transgender woman is other thing but did you ever see your entire life with a transsexual woman? Are you willing to make a transsexual woman to your life partner? 99 out of 100 men say no and they never expect a transsexual woman as their life partner for entire life. Why? What’s the main reason behind this and why transsexual women won’t enjoy a relationship that last for long and they can happily live with their ts dating partner for their entire life.

I personally met many transsexual women. Some of them are quite well qualified and live a wealthy lifestyle. They own a good job and definitely earns quite well as compared to some other cis women or men. One of them was from North America and become a good friend of mine. She is living a very high life style, earns well and also contributes in wellness of society and living a happy and well maintained life. But still she is not happy and when we spoke together about life and life relationships, she literally broke into tears and shares all her relationship experience with me. I really felt sad for her. In spite of good job and earning she is quite well everything but her experience towards relationship is really not that great and these relationship failures broke her in tears and shakes her confidence. She is not ready to go into relationship again and feel like used by other men in the name of relationship.

Every time she tries her to be in a relationship, her partner leaves her after few days or months and she was all alone again. Is this only because she is transsexual and man who is dating with her only looking for some sexual pleasure and not for a life time dating relationship. If that’s the real reason than certainly we need to re-think about this and also thinks about transsexual women emotions and their confidence when someone leaves her without any real reason apart from her sexual identity. If her sexual identity makes you to ditch her and broke up the relationship with her than surely, you are also not allowed to date a transsexual woman only for fun and to fulfill your sexual desires.

I ask many men that why they won’t see their future with a transsexual woman, many reasons came to on board. Some says that transsexual women are only looking for money. Some says that they date a transsexual woman only to fulfill their sexual desires or want to experience a new sexual relationship in their life and never thinks their future with a transsexual woman. These are all un-ethical and not a valid reasons to drop any relationship.

However, the only valid reason not to date a trans woman for life time is that a transsexual woman won’t have kids and she never give birth to any kid in future also.

But this is not the end; there are many other alternates that you can have kids. Adoption is one of the best and legally correct procedures to have kids while having a relationship with transsexual woman.

Ways to keep safe for black trans people

This is a sad and painful topic on how to keep safe for black trans people. We don't want to talk about the safe issue of people and transgender people separately, and we also don't want to separate black trans people from trans people. We hope that all people, no matter trans or cis, black or white can be treated equally. No one should be hurt in this peaceful world.

Unfortunately, hurting on transgender people, especially black transgender people is never stopped. So many transgender people are killed every year only because they are transgender people. In order to protect black transgender people from being hurt, here are some safe tips for them.

1. Avoid going out alone

If you are a black trans person, you'd better not go out alone, especially at night. Ask your friends or families to go with you, if you need to go to some public places. It doesn't mean everywhere is unsafe for black transgender people, it's just a way to protect yourself from being hurt. If you still want to go out alone, share your location and routine with your families and friends, you also need to keep in touch with them. You need to be vigilant and aware of everything around you, especially strangers, and someone that follow you. Remember not to go out alnoe at night.

2. Don't go to dangerous places

Don't travel and visit dangerous places. We all know that transgender people cannot be accepted in some places, if you are a black trans person, please avoid going to these places. Cities like Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Baltimore, Memphis, Milwaukee, Birmingham, Newark, Cleveland and Philadelphia are very dangerous for transgender people. Choose somewhere safe and peace to live and travel, avoid misunderstanding and disasters before they emerge.

3. Install security camera system at home

Safe camera system is especially needed for shemale people, it's the best way to protect transgender people. Any thieves or murderers cannot escape from the camera system, under the help of camera system, transgender people can live safer than before. We all know that many transgender people murdering cases are unsolved, because there are no evidences and eyewitnesses. If a trans person being attacked by other people, she/he can record the criminal evidence by using camera systems.

4. Get a gun legally

The number of people who have guns is increasing in America. More and more Americans believe that they can live safer with a gun. For black transgender people, it's also necessary to get a gun to ptotect themselves legally. Owning a gun doesn't mean your are dangerous to other people, it's a way to protect yourself.

5. Get together with other transgender people

Transgender people are faced with prejudice and discrimination. A a black transgender person, you should always get together with other transgender people. You can join a transgender community or transgender rights activity to fight for yourself. Try your best to make yourself strong, then you can protect yourself from being hurt.

The right way to date a trans person

More and more cisgender people like to date transgender people now. However, not all of them know the right way to date transgender people. In order to help all cisgender people and transgender people find their life partner in the right way, I list something you should or shouldn't do in trans dating. Not only in trans dating, some of these tips are also work for ordinary dating. But I want to mention that every people is different from others, the same as transgender people, so choose the right dating way according to yoyr dating situation.

I've heard from my transgender friends that many cisgender people like to ask about their past life in transgender dating, like what's your real name? Can you show me your previous photos? Don't ask anything about their past life in any occasions. All transgender people don't want to talking anything about their previous life, past is the history. They don't want to be caaled their real name, so don't ask waht's their real name in trans dating. Transgender people just want to live as who they are at present, they have new names and nre lives. If you are not sure how to call them, you can ask them directly. Don't ask them to show their previous photos, and don't be curious about their previous appearance, just remember what are they look like now.

Do as what you do in ordinary dating. Before ask transgender people any questions, you need to think about is it polite to ask this question when date a cisgender person. It means, if you never ask this question when date a cisgender person, please don't ask a transgender person as well. Surgery is the topic that most cisgender people want to talk about in ts dating. However, most transgender people don't want to talk about their surgeries. In order to live as real men or women, most transgender people get surgeries to change their body, and there are still some transgender people don;t want to get the surgery. It's impolite to ask a transgender person whether she/he had a surgery.

Although transgender people are accepted by more and more people, but most of transgender people still live in the dark place. It doesn't mean they are ashamed of being trans. Why many transgender people don't choose to come out? Reasons are various from one to another. If you are dating a trans person, make sure who she/he is. Transgender may tell you their new names and pronouns in trans dating when there are several people around you, because they don't wan to come out with group of people here. It means you need to call the as the new name or the pronoun in public places. Another important thing is, don't tell other people who they are if they don't want. You are proud of dating a transgender person, and what to share your dating experience with your friends, don't do that. Most transgender people don't want to let other people know that they are trans. They just want to live as real men or women.

How to introduce your trans girlfriend to your friends?

Many men date trans women, but they just keep their trans dating and their partners in the dark places. Introducing your partner to your families and friends is not an easy thing, especially when your partner is a trans woman. Maybe your families and friends cannot accept your partner as a trans woman, then what will you do? This may be the main reason why many men don't want to introduce their trans girlfriend to their families and friends. However, if you want to have a long-term relationship with your trans girlfriend, this is an important step. here are some advice on how to introduce your trans girlfriend to your friends and families.

Before introducing your trans girlfriend to your families and friends you need to make sure that she is the one you want to live with in the future life. You also need to tell her that your families and friends may not very friendly to her. No matter how your families and friends treat her, you should always take care of her. You should know that you are an important role in this relationship, your love is very important for your girlfriend to overcome all difficulties. If you can introduce your trans girlfriend to your families and friends bravely, other people may change their opinions on you and your girlfriend, because many people think that men who date trans girls are gay.

Both you and your partner should make a plan before meeting your families and friends. How to deal with the negative and positive reactions from your friends and families? You know your families and friends very well, so you need to introduce everyone to her in advance, including their personalities and hobbies. Most importantly, you should introduce your girlfriend to your familes and friends before meeting each other. It is also important to make a plan on when to meet your familes and friends. If someone of your families and friends is cannot accept trans people, you'd better introduce your girlfriend to them when the one is not here. This is a way to protect your girlfriend from being hurt. You should not only care about the feeling of your families and friends, but also the feeling of your girlfriend.

Last but not the least, always stand up for your girlfriend. If your families and friends are unfriendly to your girlfriend, you should stand up for her. She may feel hopeless if you always care about the feeling of your families and friends, and let her alone. Trans women are different from ordinary women in some people's eyes, if anyone of your families and friends disrespect your trans girlfriend, please stop her/him. They have the rigfhts to accept or unaccept trans people, but they don't have the right to disrespect them. The best way to avoid misunderstanding on your trans girlfriend is to introduce something about transgender women to your families and friends in advance. Most of people who cannot accept trans women, because they don't know trans women very well.