Ways to keep safe for black trans people

This is a sad and painful topic on how to keep safe for black trans people. We don't want to talk about the safe issue of people and transgender people separately, and we also don't want to separate black trans people from trans people. We hope that all people, no matter trans or cis, black or white can be treated equally. No one should be hurt in this peaceful world.

Unfortunately, hurting on transgender people, especially black transgender people is never stopped. So many transgender people are killed every year only because they are transgender people. In order to protect black transgender people from being hurt, here are some safe tips for them.

1. Avoid going out alone

If you are a black trans person, you'd better not go out alone, especially at night. Ask your friends or families to go with you, if you need to go to some public places. It doesn't mean everywhere is unsafe for black transgender people, it's just a way to protect yourself from being hurt. If you still want to go out alone, share your location and routine with your families and friends, you also need to keep in touch with them. You need to be vigilant and aware of everything around you, especially strangers, and someone that follow you. Remember not to go out alnoe at night.

2. Don't go to dangerous places

Don't travel and visit dangerous places. We all know that transgender people cannot be accepted in some places, if you are a black trans person, please avoid going to these places. Cities like Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Baltimore, Memphis, Milwaukee, Birmingham, Newark, Cleveland and Philadelphia are very dangerous for transgender people. Choose somewhere safe and peace to live and travel, avoid misunderstanding and disasters before they emerge.

3. Install security camera system at home

Safe camera system is especially needed for shemale people, it's the best way to protect transgender people. Any thieves or murderers cannot escape from the camera system, under the help of camera system, transgender people can live safer than before. We all know that many transgender people murdering cases are unsolved, because there are no evidences and eyewitnesses. If a trans person being attacked by other people, she/he can record the criminal evidence by using camera systems.

4. Get a gun legally

The number of people who have guns is increasing in America. More and more Americans believe that they can live safer with a gun. For black transgender people, it's also necessary to get a gun to ptotect themselves legally. Owning a gun doesn't mean your are dangerous to other people, it's a way to protect yourself.

5. Get together with other transgender people

Transgender people are faced with prejudice and discrimination. A a black transgender person, you should always get together with other transgender people. You can join a transgender community or transgender rights activity to fight for yourself. Try your best to make yourself strong, then you can protect yourself from being hurt.