The right way to date a trans person

More and more cisgender people like to date transgender people now. However, not all of them know the right way to date transgender people. In order to help all cisgender people and transgender people find their life partner in the right way, I list something you should or shouldn't do in trans dating. Not only in trans dating, some of these tips are also work for ordinary dating. But I want to mention that every people is different from others, the same as transgender people, so choose the right dating way according to yoyr dating situation.

I've heard from my transgender friends that many cisgender people like to ask about their past life in transgender dating, like what's your real name? Can you show me your previous photos? Don't ask anything about their past life in any occasions. All transgender people don't want to talking anything about their previous life, past is the history. They don't want to be caaled their real name, so don't ask waht's their real name in trans dating. Transgender people just want to live as who they are at present, they have new names and nre lives. If you are not sure how to call them, you can ask them directly. Don't ask them to show their previous photos, and don't be curious about their previous appearance, just remember what are they look like now.

Do as what you do in ordinary dating. Before ask transgender people any questions, you need to think about is it polite to ask this question when date a cisgender person. It means, if you never ask this question when date a cisgender person, please don't ask a transgender person as well. Surgery is the topic that most cisgender people want to talk about in ts dating. However, most transgender people don't want to talk about their surgeries. In order to live as real men or women, most transgender people get surgeries to change their body, and there are still some transgender people don;t want to get the surgery. It's impolite to ask a transgender person whether she/he had a surgery.

Although transgender people are accepted by more and more people, but most of transgender people still live in the dark place. It doesn't mean they are ashamed of being trans. Why many transgender people don't choose to come out? Reasons are various from one to another. If you are dating a trans person, make sure who she/he is. Transgender may tell you their new names and pronouns in trans dating when there are several people around you, because they don't wan to come out with group of people here. It means you need to call the as the new name or the pronoun in public places. Another important thing is, don't tell other people who they are if they don't want. You are proud of dating a transgender person, and what to share your dating experience with your friends, don't do that. Most transgender people don't want to let other people know that they are trans. They just want to live as real men or women.