How to introduce your trans girlfriend to your friends?

Many men date trans women, but they just keep their trans dating and their partners in the dark places. Introducing your partner to your families and friends is not an easy thing, especially when your partner is a trans woman. Maybe your families and friends cannot accept your partner as a trans woman, then what will you do? This may be the main reason why many men don't want to introduce their trans girlfriend to their families and friends. However, if you want to have a long-term relationship with your trans girlfriend, this is an important step. here are some advice on how to introduce your trans girlfriend to your friends and families.

Before introducing your trans girlfriend to your families and friends you need to make sure that she is the one you want to live with in the future life. You also need to tell her that your families and friends may not very friendly to her. No matter how your families and friends treat her, you should always take care of her. You should know that you are an important role in this relationship, your love is very important for your girlfriend to overcome all difficulties. If you can introduce your trans girlfriend to your families and friends bravely, other people may change their opinions on you and your girlfriend, because many people think that men who date trans girls are gay.

Both you and your partner should make a plan before meeting your families and friends. How to deal with the negative and positive reactions from your friends and families? You know your families and friends very well, so you need to introduce everyone to her in advance, including their personalities and hobbies. Most importantly, you should introduce your girlfriend to your familes and friends before meeting each other. It is also important to make a plan on when to meet your familes and friends. If someone of your families and friends is cannot accept trans people, you'd better introduce your girlfriend to them when the one is not here. This is a way to protect your girlfriend from being hurt. You should not only care about the feeling of your families and friends, but also the feeling of your girlfriend.

Last but not the least, always stand up for your girlfriend. If your families and friends are unfriendly to your girlfriend, you should stand up for her. She may feel hopeless if you always care about the feeling of your families and friends, and let her alone. Trans women are different from ordinary women in some people's eyes, if anyone of your families and friends disrespect your trans girlfriend, please stop her/him. They have the rigfhts to accept or unaccept trans people, but they don't have the right to disrespect them. The best way to avoid misunderstanding on your trans girlfriend is to introduce something about transgender women to your families and friends in advance. Most of people who cannot accept trans women, because they don't know trans women very well.