Story of Chaz Bono, a transgender man

Chaz Bono is a famous American actor, and he is the only child of famous entertainers Sonny and Cher. As an American actor, he is known for his role play in American Horror Story. Chaz is also a famous author with three books, among them, Transition is the most famous book which was released in May of 2011. Transition is more like a picture of his forty-year struggle life. From female to male, he also discribed his opinion s on gender identity and body transformation in this book. In transgender dating field, transition is one of the groundbreaking art works.

In addition to these talents, Chaz Bono has produced documentary "Becoming Chaz" which was nominated by Emmy. He shared his life and experience as a transgender man in this documentary. It has inspired many transgender people to choose their own life style and live as they like.

As a transgender man, Chaz did his best to advocat the LGBTQ rights. He has been working for national LGBTQ organizations for several years. In order to help more and more

transgender people
and fight for transgender rights, as a public speaker, Chaz has delivered speeches in college campuses and world wide activities. As an influential transgender man, Chaz always stands on the side of transgender people and fights for the equal rights of transgender people. I'd like to say he is the angel of justice, because he fight against injustice for all Americans, no matter what's their race, color, religion, age, background, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender identity. He is supported by all Americans. I've never know a transgender person with such influence. However, he is not able to solve all problems for transgender people, all transgender people should help each other to unite as one mutually, and fight for their equal rights together.

Chaz Bono decided to work as an actor and make a career out of it. From then on, actor has became his lifelong goal. In order to reach his goal, he started to study acting at Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop, and he started to play roles in theaters. Through constant practice, he won the opportunity to play in independent film Dirty and Gods and Secrets. As a transgender actor, Chaz is best known for his role in American Horror Story series.

Story of Chaz Bono is a good example to all transgender people. It shows that all transgender people are able to gain respects from other people by their own efforts. Transgender is a unite community, no one can change the difficult situation unless all transgender people get together.

Due to their constant efforts, transgender people are more and more accepted my the world, while, discrimination is still one of the most serious problem that transgender people are faced with. No one knows when will it be solved. If you are a transgender person with these problems, you are never alone. There are many supporters behind you, and I'm always one of them. I'd like to try my best to help all transgender people live a better life.

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