How do transgenders to date versatile men?

One of the most important and intimate part of trans dating is love. In fact, love is so significant to any relationship that most transgender dating apps and sites have options for specifically selecting a love role preference include top, bottom and versatile. This option can help members to clarify thing from the beginning and find their ideal partner more effectively. However, sometimes it can lead to the transgender and the potential partner feel doubtful. For instance, can a versatile men be rejected by his potential trans partner? And What if a pre-op transgender woman in trouble with finding the partner?

What does it mean to be versatile?

In short, the meaning of the versatile is that being able to swap the roles during love intercourse. Generally speaking, a trans woman prefers to play the more passive role that relatively feminized in the relationship. But in fact, men basically play the more dominant and active role in front of women. So things get a little ambiguous. Being versatile includes many things such as receiving oral sex, penetrative sex and so on. That’s because it’s better to clarify things before making hasty decisions.

What do transgenders think about dating versatile guys?

If you are looking partners on transgender dating apps or sites then you will find a lot of profiles of versatile men out there. Many transgenders could get confused after getting to know that a person is versatile when talking to them. They may think of that how dominant the guy will be when dating or wonder if the guy had sexual experience with men.

It may make the trans women feeling they don’t look like a woman. For all this is no reason for trans ladies get frustrated. Some men claim they are versatile and the reality is not. And they sometimes make a statement that they look forward to attracting more trans singles to their profile, particularly if they are new to the trans dating community. Of course, there are some guys prefer more passive role just like some trans ladies who are willing to be more active. Different people have different preferences, so it’s normal that the sexual roles and compatibility of the couple is totally decided by themselves.

Should trans ladies reject versatile men?

There is nothing doubt that men that are interested in dating transgenders are not consequentially gay. It’s just because some guys have this kind of sexual preference. If you are a transgender woman that would like to be treated as a woman then you’d better not to rejecting a versatile man. Be that as is may, there is a big difference between linking someone and loving them. A healthy relationship includes both giving and receiving in any sense.

If you value enough the versatile men you are dating, then find some ways to keep the relationship more healthy. The most crucial thing of any relationship is free will, making both sides to do what they want with in a natural and comfortable way.